Thursday, March 19, 2015

#Houston Day 5: Cinderella and Nassau Bay and HEB

This lovely day started with my eyes popping open at 6 a.m. Ran down the stairs to grab some coffee and started working while Mr. Kerrie got ready for work. Listened to vintage Real Housewives of NYC (Bethenny!) while I got some stuff done online. Joel got up and got his Texas-shaped waffle (a daily ritual) and today's meal offering was ham, gravy, cheesey eggs and hash browns ... and chocolate muffins. After yesterday's WW weigh-in, I had to snub those freaking muffins and instead got some Activia because I'm 43 and probably need it. Moving on ...

We went to see the movie Cinderella after my daily ritual of getting lost on some off ramp or frontage road.
'Cuz, really, ya gotta take your Spongebob bat to see Cinderella in case anyone gets rowdy.
Hung out in traffic. My mom loves this part.

Went back to the room to hang out until I couldn't stand it anymore and said I had to see the dang water somehow.

So we went to Nassau Bay/Clear Lake Park. I used to be a Mac hater for some reason, but I have to tell you the pictures the iPhone 6 takes and the different effects you can put on a photo and how quickly they load to the blog ... astounding.

I am telling you right now my mom is going to LOVE THIS ONE! I took this for you, Mom!

That's concrete, not sand.
My new camera from Mr. Kerrie also is AMAZING and doesn't take blurry pictures like our old one.

On the way home we stopped at HEB grocery store off El Camino Real ... for fresh tortilla's my friend Jennifer told me about. They were yum! We got packages of wheat, flour and butter versions.

The Tortilla Model.

Buddy Bucks ... they put it in a machine and it spins a wheel and they get a sticker with points and then cash those in for stuff.
Came back to the room so the kids could swim in the freezing cold pool FOREVAH ... back and forth from pool to hot tub,  having a blast.

Dinner was fried chicken and mashed potatoes and green beans. Perfection.

I was able to get some time in on the treadmill before our ...

... movie attempt (see my post on DISH Network here and how that did not work out).

Brush teeth, pray, Mr. Kerrie reads to the kids. The usual disgustingly easy and happy family evening.  Rinse and repeat and I am in love with this life.

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