Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#Houston Day 4: Aquarium, Inflatable Hammers, Siri, Traffic, Tacos and a Goose-egg

Here is day #4 of our travel odyssey. Enjoy.

Weight Watchers to weigh in and gain. Decide I would rather be a winner at losing. Check.

Houston Downtown Aquarium. Check. Tons of pics here but more witty words below those. Don't forget to check out the post to come called GIFT SHOP HELL. Come back because I'll link to it or just look for it in your email inbox!

Make sure my kids all win huge, inflatable hammers and bats so they can beat each other in the van on the way home. Check.

Lost in Downtown Houston. Check.

Get punchy and now have Siri call me "Queen McLoughlin" instead of "Kerrie." Check.

Stuck in traffic on 45 South until Siri wanted to call the suicide hotline for me. Check.

Taco Cabana for one taco each for our maiden voyage pre-dinner snack because when I get stressed I taco. Check.

Swimming pool before dinner with sodas and appetizers by the pool. Check.

Burgers and chili tots I did not cook, by the pool with Daddy. Check.

Discover the awesomeness of iPhone dictation. Check.

Sam gets a goose-egg tripping over inflatable bat and hitting the nightstand. I consider tossing the nightstand out the window since the night before Eva backed into it and hit her head. Decide that won't work because the windows only open 6 inches. Check.