Thursday, January 8, 2015

No Excuses Exercise: Matt Ross Community Center in Overland Park #DoItAnyway

I have started Weight Watchers once again ... I am entirely powerless over food. The good news is that last year I got somewhat of a handle on it ... I have all the tricks down but not giving in to temptations and stress eating and emotional eating is the problem. Plus I sit a lot for homeschooling and for my at-home work and I don't move as much as I should be moving for a woman in her 40s.

So back in November I also joined our local community center. I mostly joined because the weather was getting super cold and getting outside was not working out most of the time and I know we love to swim ... so I got a 3-month membership, which also includes the exercise room and gymnasium privileges.

Every now and then I would get to the gym alone to treadmill. Sometimes Aron would play in the Explorer Room or pool with the kids while I would treadmill. Sometimes I would play with the kids or go to the pool while he would do the bikes. Last night we tried out the gymnasium for the first time and they had a blast. I was just sitting there reading a book when I realized the walking track goes around the gym ... and I grabbed my music player and earbuds and went walking for about 15 minutes.

The thing is: I was in jeans. I had on a long-sleeved shirt. I had on shoes that were not good for walking. I had not planned on exercising.


I did it anyway. Do it anyway!

This is part of the track that goes 1/10 of a mile around the basketball courts and exercise room

At the top of the pic you can see the windows to the exercise room

This is the exercise room looking out into the pool area. I love to watch my kids on the slide when I'm on the treadmill!
Just part of the Explorer Room ... this pic does not do it justice!