Thursday, January 15, 2015

#12Poundsin12Weeks Challenge #WeightWatchers

So I joined Weight Watchers ... again ... last week. I wrote some about it back here on the post called No Excuses Exercise: Matt Ross Community Center in Overland Park #DoItAnyway. My first weigh-in was Tuesday, two days ago. I lost 2 pounds exactly, which is kinda cool because my husband and kids take bets. Eva, our 4th kid, just moved into a room to sleep with her sister and is NOT happy about it. So the person who guesses closest to my weight loss each week gets to Sleep With Mommy and Daddy gets displaced. Anyway, the kids were guessing and Eva had no clue what to guess and I told her to guess 2 and SHE WON!

Note how Daddy guess in OUNCES and Sam guessed in METRIC TONS ... these people I live with are insane
So today I was checking out my new Weight Watchers weigh-in/meeting pass and noticed that, of course, it ends 12 weeks from when I signed up because I signed up for 3 months this first time so I would stick with it and I got a killer deal, too. I was thinking how I could realistically lose 12 pounds in those 12 weeks. I've already lost 2 of them; just need to stick with it.


By tracking my food online so I make sure I am staying within my points range. I get PUH-LENTY of points, don't worry. This is not like a DIET DIET at all. It was easy to fall back into because it's a lifestyle change, not a restrictive diet. I get 26 points in food each day and if I go over, I borrow from my weekly 49 extra, which I can use some of, all of, or none of. If I eat 26 per day plus kill those 49, then I have to rely on my activity points. I wear an activity monitor and it synchronizes with my points online, so I can see it all on my laptop daily.

Also, I can do 12 pounds in 12 weeks by continuing to move. Monday night I went to treadmill at the gym. Tuesday night my entire family walked/ran the track. Last night I swam ferociously and played with my kids at the indoor pool. Today was a break. Tomorrow night is more fun, active pool time. Saturday I'll try to go to the treadmill again. Or walk outside because it's going to be gorgeous! Or take my kids to a park and walk the track there!

Always happy to talk Weight Watchers with you! I have so many great ways I stay on this plan.

I started at 159.4 and am shooting for 147.4 by the end of Marchish weigh-in. I got sick of my knees hurting when I came down 7 stairs in the morning so here we are again!

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