Saturday, December 13, 2014

My Advanced Healthcare Directive

Dear Aron, Mom, Dad and kids ...

i'm proofreading this thing and it's getting me really worked up. i know this might not be binding or whatever but wanted you all to know that if something happens to me i think i prefer to live, however that might be ... on a machine or whatever. maybe give  me 5 years like that and then cut me off. i think that's a good amount of time to wait for a miracle and then let me go ... i don't want everyone visiting the freaking hospital every dang day forever and getting the kids all worked up plus the expense. so if it hits 5 years and nothing has happened, just pull the plug and i'll see you all on the flip side, kay? i love you guys. oh, and let the kids know i am okay with aron remarrying if he finds someone equally as rockin' as me or else ... even better ... someone more calm and chill than i am ... but she has to be fun. and try to keep homeschooling the kids if you can somehow.

Kerrie (Kethryn) McLoughlin

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