Thursday, October 30, 2014

#Halloween Week Craziness ... October Insanity, #WorldSeries #Royals

This post is kinda for my parents and Mr. Kerrie's parents so they can see all the cool stuff we have been doing with the grandkids lately. Somehow into all this crazy I am also fitting the Leavenworth Virtual Schooling and it's still working out really great for us! When I can catch my breath I will post more on that on my homeschooling blog! For now, here are some photos!

Science City with 2 of our Connors friends! Thanks for the pass, Dad and Nancy!

Trunk or Treat at our church

Boo at the Kansas City Zoo ... thanks, Mom and Dave! Finally got to ride the boat after all these years!

Leaving the zoo, with friend

Walking home from church last Sunday just for exercise and leaf crunching.

Monday at Johnson Farms with friends ... so many awesome friends!

Tuesday at Deanna Rose

More pix of Wednesday to come because we had lots of Royals party fun with friends ... for now this is what I have ... there was also a homeschool party but the best shot from that day is me flipping off the camera and I was too lazy to make the pic NOT sideways so this is what you get instead (I'll share it another time ... I know you love to see me misbehaving) ... Mr. Kerrie found us $1 T-shirts so now we are OFFICIAL MAJOR ROYALS FANS!. We don't care that they lost. We still LOVE THEM!

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