Monday, September 15, 2014

Red Gold 2-a-Day Crock-Pot #Giveaway 9/17/14-10/8/14

So here is a link to the Rustic Italian Chicken in the crock-pot that I made last week! It was yummers! And here is me with my little carrying case of Red Gold tomatoes and apron and spoon. So fun to get mail like this! I love me some red and some tomatoes! These tomatoes remind me of when my Grandma Stump would can tomatoes and they were so bright and tomato-smelling ... sometimes tomatoes these days smell all watered-down but hers were so vibrant in every way.

Mr. Kerrie had me laughing at this point!
Here it is in the crock-pot!

Starting on September 17 through October 8, Red Gold is giving away 2 crock-pots every day for a total of 44 slow cookers! You can find all their slow cooker recipes here. And enter the promotion here!

Thanks for reading and good luck!