Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Basically Free Costco Membership and How You Can Get One Too!

Come on over and read about my Maiden Voyage to Costco ... super exciting day for me, as I have been asking Mr. Kerrie for a warehouse membership for 13 years now! Yes, I spent $350 total but that toilet paper is a HUGE ROLL and there are 30 of them and we are going to be wiping our butts with that stuff for MONTHS. Loved the 12-pack of organic mac and cheese. Almost got the 25-pound bag of sugar. I won't normally spend $350 because I had to get some fun things to try (sushi combo, spinach dip, Danimals), as well as some supplies for our local women's shelter. Oh, and Eva needed a jacket so that was about $15. I foresee getting out of there around $200 once a month ... except for at Christmastime! EEEEEEE!!!!!! They ALREADY have Christmas stuff out!

And head here to find out how I basically got my membership for free. And if three people sign up for a new Costco membership (not a renewal) using this referral link, I get my membership cost refunded entirely! That means $55 I can put toward ... well, $55 I can send to the dentist for those crowns he just put on. Oh, well!

How fast can 5 kids eat 72 waffles?

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