Saturday, September 6, 2014

Crescent Hotel Orb and Ghost Shots, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 2014

So I have to post these pictures we took on the inside of the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas over Labor Day weekend this year. I didn't look at them closely until my mom came over yesterday and we started checking them out. Then someone told me that the lobby shot with my family looked like a face looking to the left of the shot. Do you see it? Skeptics are telling me the "orbs" are dust and the "face" is a smudge on my camera but then a smudge would be in every picture I took after that in the same spot.

I have seen my dead great grandpa (Guy Beard) by my bedside when I was sick as a child and you can call that a hallucination if you want. But how do you explain the Ouija board pointer moving by itself on the floor and off the board and onto my wooden bedroom floor when I was about 12? I tossed that thing in the box and never looked back. I'm not saying I want to tangle with the spirit world; I am simply acknowledging that it is there.

What is that over my husband's left shoulder? The kids think it looks like a face.

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