Tuesday, May 13, 2014

To Mr. Kerrie in Canada: Here's What We've Been Up To

Dear Mr. Kerrie in Newfoundland traveling for work:

The weekend was hot. This morning ins 49 degrees, more like where you are, I bet. Here is a recap of our last week without you. A little recap in photos. See you tomorrow instead of today. We love you!

Okay, never mind. I realized I have too many pictures so I'll be breaking them down by day.

Here was last Thursday:

Joel puts together my Jamberry sample cards (http://kerrie.jamberrynails.net)

Sam makes a "tent" with scissors and string. Don't ask.

Callie and her BFF Ciara play cards

I added jams to my other 4 fingers that don't have kids on them!

Eva swings

The kids have a lemonade stand. There's Liam, Joel and Michael's friend ... you can see his head.

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