Saturday, January 18, 2014

Walking a 5K With My Son at Age 42 or Don't Put Your Timing Chip in Your Bra

Holy crap, I am a bit sore here this afternoon. At 9 a.m. my 12-year-old son Joel and I walked a 5K in Leawood, Kansas. It was called Battle of the Bean and we each wore a T-shirt supporting Team Coffee! It was hard to choose between coffee and chocolate, that's for sure!
No, he's not high. He's sleepy, okay?
No, I'm not high. Just excited!
We left everyone sleeping at home and headed out for some exercise in the cold weather. We did a brisk walk the entire time and chatted a bit, winding through beautiful neighborhoods.

I'm certainly not as young as I used to be and am about 20 pounds more than I was when I used to do 5Ks on my own pre-kids, but I did not stop and we made it! Joel's time was 56 minutes because he ran ahead of me at the end. My time was about 58 minutes but I put my timing chip in my bra so it never registered me when I started and finished. Now I know not to do that. It goes on your shoe, people.

Head here to read about when Mr. Kerrie and I walked a half marathon in 2000 when I was just a little bit pregnant with Joel (yes, it is possible to be just a little bit pregnant).

After the race they were giving out Christopher Elbow chocolates and I got a few for the fam, and then went into Foo's Fabulous Custard to buy an expensive box of their gorgeous chocolates. Head here to see a picture of them!

If you need me today I'll be at a birthday party next door and then sitting on my butt the entire rest of the night, putting my feet up.

And I'll be posting more awesome KC Running Company run/walks in the coming weeks. Here's their site in the meantime.

On a personal note, here's my walking story for National Walking Day a couple of years ago with an update.

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