Saturday, January 18, 2014

Vintage Couches Turned into Knife Blocks ... and Shepherd's Pie

This is the knife block my talented husband made out of my 1950s/60s couch. I wrote about the couch here and how it was my first purchase after starting a new life. We have had our knives on top of the fridge for as long as I can remember and recently one wasn't positioned right and almost fell on my friend Christine's head. HOLY LAWSUIT, BATMAN!

Actually, that's not why Aron made the knife block. I think it was because we got him two new knives for Christmas. He's such a little chef!

He also made shepherd's pie last night for dinner only in a pan and the potatoes had a design to them and there broiled on top. He is freaking talented! I'd be just fine if he did all the cooking around here because he is Mr. Gourmet. This shep. pie was AMAZING! He even managed the hide the mushrooms from me! Oh, and he made me hummus from scratch, too, with the help of Joel!

I love that dude and I love his offspring too much for words.

Headed to the 5K with Joel. Have a great weekend!

*Spaghetti sauce is featured because Mr. Kerrie canned it himself. Coconut oil is featured because we love it and because Angeliina makes fun of me for loving it sooo much.

And at the request of a bloggy fan, HappyElfMom (who has a rockin' blog herself), here is the spaghetti sauce recipe.

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