Monday, July 22, 2013

Redecorating Without Losing Your Sanity ... a Post for My Mother

In case you missed it, here's a post about Picking Paint Colors with my Husband.

My mom won't be over anytime soon and I really wanted her to see my colors, so these pictures are for you, Mom! The colors are called Adorable and Peach Bud. Two walls are dark and 4 are light, as per Mr. Kerrie's decision. I don't really care. I could live here forever like this or move tomorrow. Can you believe we stripped pink wallpapers and now are painting pink? At least the pink carpet will be ripped up soon! Don't ask how we arrived at this decision ... looooooooooong process but not really to painful this time around, as now Aron knows I have awesome taste from watching decorating shows (not from being girlie)!

Now we are stripping the other 2 big walls to paint them light, then ripping up the carpet. At the same time, we are thinking on kitchen fun and loving the new oven!

And check out what your amaze-balls son-in-law also did for me! It's temporary for now, but will be permanent! Counterspace!

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