Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Crown Center and Kaleidoscope Kansas City ... Make Your Own Puzzle!

So my plan for the day was to go to Crown Center and take the kids to Kaleidoscope. We made it! We got tickets around 2 for the 3:30 session and waited in line at 3:20 with a ton of other people. This is a popular attraction in KC because it’s FREE and awesome. Sponsored by Hallmark Cards, who has their headquarters right next door, this is a fun, bright attraction for kids of all ages.

Each session only lasts 40 minutes so your kids who really like to take their time creating will want to put supplies into their bags for working at home. By supplies I mean paper cut-outs in different shapes, stickers, bows, yarn and more. Make sure the kids make a puzzle while they are there, though! They color on a square of cardboard then put it through a puzzle-maker!

Also don’t miss the glow-in-the-dark room, where you can paint with melted crayon wax.

This is a must-visit thing with kids when you come to Kansas City!

The Curious George exhibit was nuts, so we vacated fast

Eating our snacks in the food court area

A quick pic at Fritz's

Sam's puzzle at Kaleidoscope
At Kaleidoscope

My Function Junction bowls
Here's a post about my new bowls; it's fascinating. Here's a post of all sorts of fun things to do with kids in Kansas City at Crown Center.

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