Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Mint Dress for the Upcoming Wedding

I went out last week looking for a swimsuit and had ZERO luck (see this post about bras and boobs). I kept passing by these super cute dresses and finally this one SPOKE TO ME and I had to just grab it and try it on along with all the swimsuit disasters I had. It's from JCPenney, it was about $40, and it's a size 12 in case you were curious. It makes me happy because it is comfortable.

I don't care if my arms are too big for a sleeveless dress or that I will have a pooch belly in it. It is gorgeous and it makes me feel gorgeous. I am wearing it to a family wedding with totally inappropriate shoes because we now don't have the money for new shoes for me;. Likely I will be barefoot much of the time anyway.

The point is, it makes me feel pretty and it reminds me of my Great Aunt Eva for some reason. It's washable and I can wear it all summer long.

What makes you feel pretty?

Mom, are you happy now that I posted this like I said I would? I love you.

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