Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Butterfly Day at the McLoughlin Academy of Rock

This morning when Callie got up we hit the books right away. You see, we homeschool in the summer. We pretty much do light school all year so we can take breaks, explore other interests, travel, socialize, play and more. It just works for us.

Anyway, we learned about insects today, which led to coloring pictures of butterflies (just Google "butterly coloring pictures") and fairy butterflies and reading poems about butterflies and learning about the life cycle of the butterfly. We'll inspect our parsley plant daily for caterpillars so many we can make a butterfly jar like we did another time. Eva and Sam color pictures, some have a B on them. Callie is going to color a bookmark with butterflies on it.

I love when learning one thing leads to another. It's like I start the conversation by cracking open a book and they continue it themselves, taking me along for the ride.

Later, since we're heading into social insects like ants and bees, I'll put "Bee Movie" on hold at the library. I also have to remember to put The Secret Garden on hold!

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