Sunday, May 12, 2013

How I Like to Spend Mother's Day ...

Subtitle: I Wasn't Sure I'd Get to be a Mom at All
Uh, yeah. I'm an ONLY child.

Here's more of a tease than you usually get on pieces I post at other places. Here's the tease, then the rest you can click on a link to get to. Enjoy your Mother's Day!

"Usually I try to be offline all day on Sundays, just to have one day off during the week so I can relax and get some things caught up on. Today being Mother's Day, the vibe is a little different, and I have more downtime than usual!

Some moms like to be gone for Mother's Day. They see it as a holiday for them and they work hard, so they need a break. Maybe they go out with friends, maybe to the spa, maybe even away for the weekend. That's fine for them. I am not jealous and wish them well.

For me, however, I like to be all up in my kids' business on Mother's Day.

I accept their homemade gifts and extra hugs. I revel in their love today. We went to church and each of my kids got me a rose afterward. I got to see my other mommy friends there (some of them, at least, as I don't just hang out with other Catholics!).

I got a quasi-nap and did not get annoyed at the whining and the kids ringing the doorbell and making noise while I tried to sleep on the couch. I enjoyed their kid noises.

You see, I am a mom. This is a title I always wanted to have, probably from the time I was born.

I was pregnant when I was 18 and something bad happened to that pregnancy ..."

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