Monday, May 13, 2013

12 Ideas for Cheap Summer Fun

Too often summer goes so fast that before you know it the kids are back in school and schedules fill up with sports, lessons and other activities. If you’re looking for some cheap, fun activities to do with your kids during the summer, read on for a dozen ideas. Some can be done in the evening, all can be done on weekends, so whether you work full-time or have the summer off with your kids, pick and choose a few of your favorites from the list below and turn them into summer traditions!

1.      Plant a garden as soon as school is out and your family will see the fruits (or vegetables!) of your labors by the end of summer. If you don’t have a backyard or much space, many vegetables can be grown in pots on a deck railing or even inside. Head to to get started.

2.      Read all about it when you join a summer reading program, like one your local library system might offer (check Other organizations that offer rewards for reading over the summer are Chuck E. Cheese’s (, Scholastic ( and Barnes and Noble (