Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter & All Natural Jelly Beans

Yeah, I'm kind of hooked on Trader Joe's after one visit. Well, I went in 2002 in Scottsdale, Arizona but could not fully appreciate it then. Now I realize what an incredible array of stuff they have. Sweet potato fries! Quinoa chips! Oh, that smooth and creamy hummus!

On a lark I picked up these all natural jelly beans. I have friends who swear their kids act like total heathens when they eat food dyes. And I'm like, um, okay, but your kids act the same when they don't eat food dyes! Anyway, moving on because we are all entitled to our opinion and I am no Perfect Parent ...

... so on a day when I had a few extra kids around I whipped these out so I could get some work done. My daughter proceeded to play Easter Bunny, fill eggs and pass them out.

And I am happy to report the children (some of whom were not mine, mind you, so they were in the Control Group) were all calm and kind and sweet and did not run around like heathens.

Yeah, right.

Happy Easter!