Saturday, November 17, 2012

It Goes Too Fast

One day recently the kids and I went to a place called Trailside Nature Center to get our Passport to Adventure books stamped. We learned a teensy bit about history then did what we do best: hit a nature trail.

I love to play with my kids but much of the time I just like to watch them. On this day they were building a rock bridge over parts of a stream so they could go further down the stream and explore more. I love how they work together and play together and help each other. I love how we were completely alone on this stretch of stream and how it was one of those fall days where it's warmish cool.

I love when I can snap a picture of all 5 of my kids together and think about how fast this journey of motherhood is going. I realize it never ends, but sometimes this little-kid part of it flies by and I wish I could live certain days over again.

Not the days when I'm impatient and yell about getting teeth brushed and clothes on and rushing out the door to something we have to be at. But those lazy days when you don't have to be anywhere and can take your time with life ... those are the days I want to live again and again with my family.

I guess all any of us can do is savor every moment with our loved ones. I was kicking myself for not scrapbooking lately and being years behind. Then I realized I've been too busy LIVING this great life and that I will [fortunately/unfortunately?] have plenty of time to scrapbook and write when my kids are driving and dating and at college and working and planning their weddings and raising their own families.

I will greatly miss these times like in these pictures.