Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Newest McLoughlin Baby

Last Saturday we went to the Great Plains SPCA website to look for dogs and we found a super cute shih-tzu puppy named Snoopy Baby. By the time I got around to calling this morning about him, I was told he had an adoption pending and would be adopted tomorrow. We were bummed. Later I told Joel not to get too upset; that God would send us our doggie and we could always pray that the adoption would fall through.

Right after I said that the phone rang. Turns out the family who was going to adopt Snoopy Baby chose another dog, so they still had Snoopy at the shelter from his foster home. They weren't technically open today, but did we want to come in and look at him?

We got off the highway around 3 planning to check out our new dog and meet Aron to make sure he okayed it. We were met with this scene:

As I'm waiting to cross the train tracks to get past all the police action, which was right in front of where we needed to be, the train bar starts closing above me and a train is all of a sudden on its way toward us. I had no choice but to go forward since there was someone behind me. I asked the police if we could get through and park and walk to the shelter to get our dog and they said yes. By the way, it's never good when the paramedics put up a tent around a "situation" ... yes, a woman died today due to not wearing a seat belt.

So here we are trekking toward the shelter.

At first nobody knew what we were talking about and Mama Bear was thinking inside, "You'd better find that dang dog. We've been waiting for years to have a dog and we are all excited and have chosen carefully." Then somebody knew what we were talking about. They opened a wooden gate and here he was! By the way, it's so sad walking through the grounds of an animal shelter with all the dogs wanting to go home with you. Michael had to cover his ears because the sounds of all the barking was tough for him to take.

Here's Eva, already in love. YES, she is wearing undie pants!

After getting the okay from Daddy, we plunked down a hefty amount of cash for our 2-months-old-today puppy dog. Snoopy Baby is a half hound, half shih-tzu. I don't know on what planet those two dogs have sex, but apparently it happened.

Here ya go! I'm nervous for our first night with him. He's like having a baby all over again. Shots, food, treats, training, night waking and whining and making sure he doesn't get under the fence and into the road, collars and leashes and beds and toys and chewing things up and fleas and fur and don't-step-on-the-dog and ... I can't believe we finally have a doggie!

Updated 10/10/12. We are in love! What a sweet baby! He is well-loved in this house. He gets to sleep on random children, treats when he potties outside, went to PetCo today and to the park for the afternoon. We picked up his care bag from his foster mom and it had food, a blanket, toys, a chewie and newspaper in it, which were all perfect! I'm hoping to friend her on Facebook so I can make sure we are continuing to care for Snoopy Baby how she did ... paper training, etc. I'm so happy we got a dog from a shelter ... he is our little friend.

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