Tuesday, October 9, 2012

STILL Working on the Kitchen!

This is a picture from behind of my husband last Saturday. What the heck is he doing? (you ask) Well, he has just pulled the fridge out from the wall and is taking off the wallpaper since this was not something I could easily do while he was out of town.

We had a nice date of washing walls while the kids interrupted us every 36.2 seconds and I remembered why I had not done the washing and sanding myself over the summer (the kids get into all sorts of trouble when I'm doing so).

We used to go out for expensive dinners and to the movies and dancing at dance clubs (go, techno music!) on a Saturday night. Now we do this. And it's all good.

(This post was for Christine, who insists she wants updates on my kitchen stripping-3-layers-of-wallpaper-washing-sanding-spackling-sanding again-painting-getting new windows fun.

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