Friday, February 19, 2010

Wallpaper Stripping While Holding a Baby

I love when I forget to turn my pics before putting them on the flash drive and then I picture all of you turning your heads to the side to check them out. Oh, the power I have over you! (holy crap, I just previewed this post, and they are upright photos! darnit! that must've happened when I chose to bundle the pics together on the left-hand side)

These are a couple of wallpaper stripping FUN pictures for you ... my best work is done holding Baby Samwich.


  1. Samwich is adorable but a little perplexed it

    and they are upright...whose got the power now uh? lol


  2. If anyone can look hot wearing sweatpants, schlepping a baby around while scraping wallpaper, it's you and only you my friend.

    Miss you!



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