Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Pourty Potty Seat

Sometimes I love my job. Like when a Pourty Potty Seat (sounds like Port-a-Potty, right, and it is!) gets delivered to my front door when I have a kid who is almost 3 years old thinking about potty training! Here are some pictures before we discuss the product:
We got all excited and told him he got something in the mail.

"Is it a hat?"

Sister Callie took him up to the bathroom with it ... it was a family affair.

Later he really peed in it! Then we just picked it up by the front (the "cat ear" go in the back") and dumped it into the toilet, then rinsed it out.
I had actually gotten rid of our last potty seat after Eva potty trained because it was such a clunky pain in the butt. I got sick of the lid falling on them when they were using it, wrestling with it to get the white bowl out to dump into the toilet then getting it back into the potty seat. And it was kinda big. So he's been attempting to stand on tippy toe to pee in the big toilet but that doesn't always work out. God then sent us a Pourty :-)

Other potty seats cost up to $30. The sturdy, award-winning, already a hit in the UK (Beatles, anyone?) Pourty is only $14.95 through and you can toss it in your vehicle for on-the-road fecal fun.

Here are some better pics the company sent over:

Disclaimer: This company found me and asked if I would like to try their product. They did not pay me to review it, but I did put a link to in here if you want to buy it, and I do get a teensy kick-back on that.

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