Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tackle-It Tuesday: My Hair (Dove Intensive Therapy Conditioner Review/Giveaway)

Fans of Tackle-It Tuesday, sorry, but I did not ONCE AGAIN get to the spackling. I hung out a lot of Labor Day weekend and swam and read to my kids and read to myself and it rocked. We'll do that post another time. Instead let's discuss my hair, shall we?

I was excited to get this tube of Dove Intensive Therapy Conditioner in the mail because I love all things beauty product related. I'm not huge on makeup, but certainly do love my hair products and face creams and body lotions. I also love summer, but all the swimming I do with my kids and being out in the heat KILLS my hair and makes it all frizzy and then it turns plain greasy.

Let's just start by saying: I am in love with this stuff! So many conditioners I have bought over the years are too runny. They barely stick in my thick, long hair. I end up with dry, frizzy hair halfway through the day.

Here are some little anecdotes from my life:

I was at the pool the other night and figured the water would wash away my conditioner mojo. I reached back to braid my hair, expecting it to be, like my hair normally is when the conditioner has washed out. Either that or feel like conditioner was washing away, like how you can feel lotion washing off your skin in the pool. But it was SOFT! It was a REAL kind of soft, like it was here to stay. Not slick or oily, but just plain soft.

I'm also noticing less hair in my hairbrush lately, which means less breakage! At my age I can't afford to lose more hair! My hair feels strong and ready to take on the future.

I have bangs and I have to keep normal conditioners far away from my bangs when I'm in the shower or else my bangs get greasy later in the day (see top left picture on the blog ... yikes!). I put the Dove all over my head and my bangs have not been greasy!

I'm no scientist, so I check out why this is so and found out that this "fiber active technology" gets inside each strand of hair and fixes damaged proteins! AND Dove has this PATENTED Micromoisture Serum that "targets damage, repairing the surface of hair by sealing lifted cuticles."

Sounds good to me. All I know is my hair rocks now and I will continue to use this product!

 Now let's get on with the part I love ... YOU possibly winning something (and a coupon for my coupon-loving readers)!

You can enter to win a $1,000 Spafinder gift certificate! My question for you to answer in the entry form: What's your biggest hair issue?



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This sweepstakes runs from 9/4/2012 - 9/30/2012

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