Saturday, September 8, 2012

Live Clean (Baby) Products Review

This Live Clean (Baby) stuff makes me want to have another baby. Instead, I used it on my current brood and on myself and absolutely love it! Let's go over the products, which are available at Walgreen's and also through (and I found some on also). I love that these products are eco-friendly with natural ingredients that are good for my family and for the environment.

Non-petroleum jelly. Wondering why it's NOT petroleum jelly? Check out this creepy article. This stuff is just as great as petrolatum-containing products but I feel better putting it on Sam's buns, on owies and on my lips.

Shampoo and wash. Smells great and works great to clean my little grubby ones and their hair.

Baby bath. Smells amazing and makes great bubbles for the littles to mess around in the tub.

Baby lotion. I kinda mighta stolen this for myself. I did put some on the kids, but why should they have all the soft skin? It smells nice (seeing a trend here?) and keeps me moisturized all day.

Bar soap. This comes 3 bars to a box, so I put one in the kids' bathroom and one in ours. My husband and I love it for showering and I love knowing I'm getting the kids clean without perfumey junk.

Check back in the coming weeks because Live Clean (Baby) had agreed to send an entire set of these products (plus diaper rash ointment) to one lucky winner in a giveaway. I'll be tweeting and Facebooking like crazy so make sure you click the top left side of the blog to stalk me everywhere you possibly can!

Disclaimer: I got these products for free but was not paid to review them.

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