Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Dentist Visit = A Walk in the Park

So what do you think about going to the dentist? I never minded much, until I was 13 and had like EIGHT cavities somehow. I have these "soft teeth" ... whether you believe in that or not, my grandmother also has them. We are always having issues no matter how much we brush or floss. The older I get the more it hurts to go to the dentist. My last 2 fillings took weeks to recover from and a full bottle of Advil, friends.

Anyway ... going to the dentist with my kids is no problem. Years ago Joel and Callie had some cavity issues and Michael never has. The kiddie dentist (not the one pictured here; we have a stable of them) and his assistants like to castigate me about night nursing and how that is what caused their cavities.

Right, sugar had no effect; it was ALL that horrible night nursing I abused them with!

Here are the 5 other kids I brought to the dentist while Joel was in the chair getting his exam. My dentist has no Starbuck's machine and no video games, but my kids are happy just coloring and playing, and I love how at the "kid-friendly" dentists they are (1) always running late and (2) snotty about lots of children. This never made sense to me, so I stopped going to Doc Hollywood in Overland Park and now truck my butt to the Kansas City, Kansas ghetto because they are NICE there. And I've seen this dentist since I was a teeny one.

The hygienist rocks and doesn't mind that the other kids peek in on the kid being examined. 
I freaking HEART Sherry ... she is so great with the kids. Joel has no cavities but got a recommendation to the orthodontist. Ah, crap.

Dr. Stephen Brotherson is amazing! He puts my kids at ease like nobody's business. Here's Eva getting checked out.

Eva has a large array of princess toothbrushes to choose from!
How do your kids like the dentist? If they have sensory issues (Autism, Asperger's, other stuff), how does the dentist work out? How do you prepare your kid? What if they need serious work done ... how does that go down?

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