Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Waterinator

So last week on Facebook I was talking about how I never set up the sprinkler outside like my husband does (and his quest for a sprinkler that doesn't break is another post and I'll let him write that one) because I would leave it going for days on end before remembering to turn it off. I woke up the other morning and it had gone all night on my precious baby tomatoes and I was lamenting that fact. So my friend Angela Vawter, who is a total GENIUS, came up with this drawing. You put a helmet on a kid's head, attach it to a hose and the rest is green lawns and productive gardens! Ah, suburbia.

The "You Bow, Girl!" is a business our friend Caroline Horton has, so Angela had to give her some love by putting one of her bows on the helmet! We also have a friend who has a tutu business (what is it about Catholic women and their little at-home businesses?), so my son Sam not only has a bow on his helmet but also is wearing a tutu. (And we call my mother Tutu, which is Hawaiian for Grandma).