Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Moxie Tonic Blog Buttons

Okay, so turn your attention to the left-hand side of my bloggy and you will see some cool buttons that say things like "Subscribe", "Twitter", "Facebook" and so on. These are my (said in a snooty voice) social media buttons. They let fans and friends connect with me, subscribe to the blog via email or RSS feed, give me Klout (blog lovin'), check out my YouTube videos and more!

How cute is this?!
The cost? Only 4 measly bucks.

Where did I get them?

HERE, at MoxieTonic's Etsy shop. Tell her Kerrie sent ya!

I heart them. They were easy to install. They make it easy for people to connect with me. Every blogger should have them! She has other options, like round buttons, banners, signatures and does custom orders.

I give them 5 kids out of 5.

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