Monday, August 27, 2012

Moshi Monster Monday: MISS KRISTIN'S STASH!!!

You asked for it, and I got the recon photos for you of Miss Kristin's STASH! Back here I blogged about where my kids get most of their Moshi Monster cards and figures and other stuff. But I could have kicked myself because I didn't get photos! So here they are! We love Miss Kristin! And let's not forget Mr. Kristin, who can always be found holding down the fort and making dinner while the deals take place.

First you are let in the house with a secret password. Then you are led up a dark corridor, at the end of which you will find a wall full of books and a floor full of toys.

The magic desk where the and eBay sales take place.

She also deals in Littlest Pet Shop.

Doesn't she look shady? This is a rare photo of Miss Kristin dealing Moshis to my son. He might be  handing her a hundred-dollar-bill for all I know. She is most generous and fair and I can never repay her for the cool stuff she's procured from the United Kingdom to resell to Moshi-poor children in America. This woman is a saint in my book.

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