Monday, July 16, 2012

Moshi Monster Monday: Draw Your Heart Out!

The last weekend Aron was home he had the kids quietly sitting at the dining room table drawing Moshi Monsters pictures (using their Moshi Monsters guides for help). He has some crazy Child Whisperer gift or something. What is it about dads that kids seem to listen to more than moms? Is it that kids are generally with their mom more? So do stay-at-home dads have the same problem as stay-at-home moms? Like does the mom come home from her full-time job and Get. Things. Handled? What if both parents work full-time? Does it just make a difference on who the biggest pushover is (me)? Questions to ponder later or in the comments section. Here is the artwork:
Rooby by Joel

Roxy by Michael

Oddie by Michael

Cleo by Joel for Callie

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