Saturday, July 14, 2012

Aftermath: Friday the 13th Freebie Crawl #ChikFilA #CowAppreciationDay

You will probably not believe this, but I took my crazy butt to every offer I posted yesterday. First we hit the Starbuck's for the refreshers. The kids did not like them, so more for me. These cost $2.99 after tax so we got $17.94 for free. The chick at the drive-through was like, "Um, you know these have caffeine in them, right?" Like I was giving them crack or something. I'm like, "Yeah, I know it's not juice. All my kids have ADHD so caffeine CALMS them ... just kidding." Truthfully, folks, I don't notice my kids acting any less or more nuts when they have caffeine or sugar so why change things now? My parenting style is 1960's Old School without the spankin's.

Click here to see what my friend Heather thinks of the Refreshers.

Then we hit the Krispy Kreme, where they had made a donut cake for their 75th birthday (thanks for the heads-up, Angela and Elizabeth)!

Joel wanted to go inside and since we had not been inside in forever, I surprised him with a YES. He likes to watch the PROCESS.

Michael gives his baby brother a boost.

The booty. Buy one dozen get the other for $0.75. Total saved = $6.24.

Sam digs in. This is why my mommyvan looks like crap most of the time!

Later my friend came over with her 5 kids and somehow convinced me that we could handle the Chik-fil-A promotion thing and dress like cows. I was apprehensive, but she and kids dove right in and I found myself a nice black outfit and taped white dots on it.

A quick nursing session is about to happen with my little calf. Here comes that udder ...

This is Karate Kow, Eva. We are udderly crazy.

Crap, why didn't this picture turn for me? This is surly Sam donning ballet shoes to go with the black shoe theme.

My friend with an employee of Chik-fil-A and a couple of the ELEVEN kids we took in there!

Don't freak out. Yes, we took up THREE tables. We had a ton of fun. The kids were well behaved. Just my crew saved $41.37.

Afterward I was feeling udderly brave, so we went to Burger King for their 50-cent ice cream cones and to play in the playroom and have some mommy conversation. Saved about another $7. See below for the totals ...

TOTAL SPENT (because my husband will want to know): $16.56 (because I sprung for the ice cream cones for all of us)

TOTAL SAVED for got for free: $72.55. Not bad for a day's work as a stay-at-home mom.

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