Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th: FREEBIES! #CowAppreciationDay #ChikFilA

So today is all about FREEBIES! Let's dive right in so you can get started planning your freebie stalking:

Starbuck's has their new Refreshers for FREE from 12-3 today ... each person who comes in gets a 12-ounce beverage. WARNING: this is like healthy Red Bull, so put your kids in a padded room after you give them their free sample. Or maybe just take them to the park or something.

Krispy Kreme today has buy a dozen, get a dozen for 75 whopping cents. Not free, but a dang good deal. Again, watch your kids' sugar intake here and let them run wild after the donuts.

Again, not totally free, but my mom told me Burger King has 50-cent ice cream cones during the month of July!

Chik-fil-A does Cow Appreciation Day every year and it seems as though it would rock. ALL DAY LONG, if you go in fully dressed as a cow, you get an entire combo meal. If you wear an accessory like a cow tie or hat (still trying to figure out if my udders count), you get a free entre (like a sandwich or chicken nuggies). I'm working my way up to this one and am not quite brave enough to do it yet with 5 or 6 kids in tow. Besides, we only have ONE cow costume and it fits only little Sam. If Aron was in town and off work, we would TOTALLY do this. I'm thinking next year for sure!
cow appreciation day

Got any more freebies for today? Let me know in the comments section and HAVE FUN!

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