Saturday, June 30, 2012

Twins (Gemelos)

How cool am I that I know the Spanish word for "twin"? Okay, so, you probably already know that my dear husband is an identical twin. Yes, it's weird sometimes. Yes, I get them mixed up on the phone sometimes. Yes, I am married to the cuter twin. When Aron realized he and Sam had matchy-matchy shirts and could look like little twins, he got them dressed all by hisself and had me take this picture. I miss him so much when he's gone! Okay, they may DRESS alike, but I like to think that Samuel (our 5th child) looks like me. I FINALLY got me a child that looks like me! My mom says Aron and I look like brother and sister anyway (creepy!), so our kids look like both of us, but whatever. I think they should have sewed a little blue/white checked shirt for the baby doll Sam is holding, too, but they must have been feeling lazy that day :-)

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