Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Sizzle Giveaway Hop!!! (June 24-30)

This giveaway is over. Please check the left side of the blog for more!

Welcome to the
Summer Sizzle Giveaway Hop hosted by Mom With a Dot Com! Over 65 bloggers have gotten together to give you a chance to win some amazing prizes to keep you entertained throughout your summer!

Summer Sizzle will begin on June 24 and end on June 30. As you are hopping around, I hope you will find some prizes that you love - maybe you will even win one! Each giveaway will have a prize valued at $25 or more!

Tip: I plan to enter 10 giveaways per day for 7 days, which will hit all 70 (minus one, which is my own!!!) Good luck! May the odds be ever in your favor!

I am giving away two books: "A House United: Changing Children's Hearts and Behaviors by Teaching Self-Government" by Nicholeen Peck and "Intimacy: A 100-Day Guide to Lasting Relationships" by Douglas Weiss, a total value of $33.94.

Please enter below and don't forget to check out my other bloggy peeps below that for some awesome giveaways from some awesome bloggers! Good luck! Oh, and please share this link with everyone you know as a favor to me, who became a mommy for the first time on this day in 2001!!!

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