Monday, June 25, 2012

Moshi Monster Monday: Cards

At a recent staff meeting with my kids in the mommyvan, we brainstormed some Moshi Monster Monday ideas for the blog. Today we'll start you out simple with the cards. Other Mondays will find us talking about the figures, the other collectibles, the books, the online game, Moshi Monsters made out of food and/or Legos and more.

Rather than bore you to death with MY explanation of this fun new kid fad (like Pokemon only cuter and much faster to play), head to the Moshi Monsters Wikia for anything you ever wanted to know. It's an online game (we'll talk about that another time), but is also cards and more. Some of my faves are above: Groanas Brothers, Peppy, Honey, Liberty, Cali, Katsuma, Poppet and Hansel, but there are tons more. I also like Broccoli Spears and Dustbin Beaver (can you guess the celebrities?!). I like that Moshi Monsters make a play on all kinds of monster-ish words ... like how they have a Gross-ery Store in the game.

The cards are collectible and cute, and they also make a quick game because each card has a Mash number and a Mosh number and you don't know which card your opponent will play or which attack they will use. Liberty has a Star Spangle Torch Scorch attack, and Hansel has a Candy Cane Feign ... the rest have funny ones, too.

If you have kids in your life, I am warning you they will discover these soon and will be begging you for them. One problem is a lot of the merchandise is only available in the UK right now, but miscellaneous stuff is coming to the USA like FAST! It took a couple of weeks for a Mr. Snoodle stuffed animal to come to Joel from the UK because they didn't have them here yet (probably still don't).

Have you heard of these yet? Better grab some of the stuff before Christmas while it's still available!

Don't forget to enter the SUMMER SIZZLE GIVEAWAY ... this is a rockin' blog hop with 70 bloggers participating. And these aren't just kid-and-mommy prizes ... there are also things like an iTunes gift card, gift card, PayPal cash and one year of RedBox (twice a week). And that's just the first dozen entries I've gotten through! If you enter 10 per day, you've entered them all by the end of the hop!

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