Friday, June 1, 2012

Overland Park Homeschoolers (Day 25)

Thursday morning we found out there were some Overland Park homeschoolers staying in a cabin down the road at Kingfisher Bend Ranch.



How cool is that? We were going to walk down to meet them but I was busy with household junk and before we could go we saw them drive by, leaving the ranch. Darnit. Later when I was struggling with a rowboat filled with 3 kidlets, the grandma of the homeschooled kids came to help me and meet me. She's very cool! Later we met the 2 girls when the kids all had a kitten love fest.

Kids on the dock.

After some kayaking and row-boating, the kids caught some crawdads. 
Sam and Eva got up on the counter to see our new pets.

Eva dressing in her brothers' clothing ... with attitude.

Joel came down the stairs too fast and broke a glass all over the place. Thankfully, he was not hurt.

What a way to end the day ... holding a sleeping  baby who just nursed himself into Dreamland.

Highlights of the day:

  • Callie learned about symmetry in math
  • Kittens were loved upon
  • Joel learned about decimals
  • Michael learned about odds/evens and writing addition sentences
  • The kids caught crawdads and wanted us to cook and eat them.
  • We Skyped my dad while he's on our family vacation. I cried because we are supposed to be there, but I got over it ... I just want to hug and hold my family and friends; Skype is so sterile. Let's just say Skype is not satisfying like a Snickers.
  • Went into town at dusk to get Wendy's ice cream treats.
  • On the way home we heard Bicycle by Queen and I told the kids Aron and I used to bicycle Michael's legs and sing "Mikecycle" and the boys died laughing.
  • Aron got home before 10
  • I Skyped my pal Andrea
Thus ends the month of May ... now we get to start a new homeschooling logbook in a nifty spiral with pockets I got here. This homeschooling logbook will be called "Summer 2012". No, we don't need to keep records in Kansas, but I like to look back on what we did during our all-too-short time together.

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