Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DISH Network was in Idaho, not Wyoming (Day 31)

Wednesday, June 6 found us going a little nutty in the morning. The night before I had trouble sleeping due to a knee injury thing that us old people get. I think I tried to jog or something and messed it all up. Anyway, it was screaming at me, so I slept in until 10:30 ... as did the kids. So embarrassing! The DISH Network guy had been trying to call because I am Acting Ranch Manager when the Silvesters are gone ... haha! We were rushing around because we had an appointment to get new tires at 11 a.m. and had already called them to move that to 11:30. So we're going nuts and I'm on the phone with the DISH guy giving directions and it goes like an Abbott and Costello schtick:

DISH: "Okay, so I'm at exit 385 off Tremonton. How do I get to you?"

Me: "You get off at the McDonald's exit, not Harrison. Then take 150 South to 152."

DISH: "Okay, so I see a McDonald's but I'm at blah de blah by Idaho."

Me (finally, after doing this for a long time and Google Mapping it and stuff): "I don't think you are near Evanston, Wyoming, are you?"

DISH: "No, I'm in Utah, by Idaho."

Me: "Kay, that must be their other residence and you're a state away so I don't think I'll be waiting around for you and I have to go get new tires right now."

Here is us after dropping off the van for slick new Defender tires for like a zillion dollars (including rebate). I had to get a pic of us walking down the road, people looking at us like we were headed to a homeless shelter.

We hit the Mexican place (Bear River Cafe, yeah, a really Mexican name, I know) for some awesome corn tortilla tacos and some Choco Tacos. Then we walked across the street to Hamblin Park.

Sammy with his taco under a pine tree.

All My Children.
After we peeled out of the tire place, burning lots o' rubber (just kidding, Aron!), we went to get gas, get some RedBox movies since the DISH guy was not coming and we can't exist without entertainment (especially while I'm trying to pack and clean!), then WalMart for some road snacks, Alleve and Icy Hot balm. Why didn't anyone tell me how much Alleve rocked? That coupled with the tons of sleep I got the night before fixed my knee right up.

Came back to the ranch to do the think I should give lessons on: cleaning out the van and packing it up. I'm getting good at it. I went to the stables to cry over missing the kittens :-( Around 7 we were all packed and STILL waiting to hear from Aron because we had to meet him in town to drive to Salt Lake City to return the rental car (a 3-hour round trip). Turns out his boss is giving him more crap and said he did not know we were leaving tomorrow, even though I saw it with my own eyes in a freaking email that he RESPONDED to. Grrrrrr. They talk my man up like "hey, dude, you are the head man in charge and you have to act like you LOVE this project and you OWN this project, but oh, yeah, we won't listen to you when you say there's no reason for you to be there right not. oh, and, you still can't go to scout camp so figure it out."

So we are here another 2 days. No big deal for me, a mild annoyance, but I was pretty pissed when Michael lost it and was crying about wanting to go home and Joel was asking for BossMan's phone number and we almost drove to the Diamond X ranch to kick some Texas client buttocks. So I did what any lady would do: I bitched about it on Facebook. It's what to do when you feel otherwise helpless because your network of pals will come through and tell you what you have to be thankful for and that you need to stop griping and just be happy.

The day ended with another gorgeous sunset.

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