Tuesday, May 8, 2012

SuperMommyBot Model 050812


The new SuperMommyBot can go for hours on little sleep. Just pour copious amounts of coffee into her gaping maw and she's ready to roll.

She can take anything you can toss at her: screaming kids, crying kids, owies, blow-out diapers, bad country music, miles and miles of  "cowies." She can single-handedly figure out how to sleep 7 people comfortably in a hotel room without a single one of them falling out of bed! Folks, this new model can even nurse a baby to sleep in a car without unbuckling either person. Astounding!

The cost is reasonable. SuperMommyBot only requires chocolate, the above-referenced coffee and ham and cheese omelets.

Pick yours up today!

*This ad was not proofed very well and was written in the dark.

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