Thursday, May 17, 2012

Real World: Wyoming; Day Ten

So who remembers that show The Real World on MTV? I used to love love love that and even wanted to be on it. Of course, that was when I was in an abusive marriage and would've wanted to be ANYWHERE else besides where I was! (even fighting with a bunch of drunk kids my own age on TV). Anyway, here are the opening lines of that show, adjusted a little bit to fit my situation:

“This is the true story of seven family members picked to live in a lodge and have their lives taped (s0rda, on The Kerrie Show) to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real.

I still love my reality TV. Don't you judge me. You know you have guilty pleasures, too, somewhere. I told a friend today that I watch reality TV like the Housewives and Bethenny and Flipping Out so I can learn how to argue since I was deprived of didn't have any siblings growing up (and I loved it, people, yet ask me how much I will love it when my parents are oldies but goodies!!!).
The day started with some nice Pringles for Socks.

Sam chillin' in his grandpa chair complete with blankie.
We finally got un-lazy and went to town. First we went to McDonald's for lunch, which entailed eating in the car while listening to Dave Ramsey and tossing food at seagulls in the parking lot. We had to go to Wells Fargo for money for our lodging, and happened to get the BEST TELLER EVER, Tashia. She is pregnant with her 4th kidlet and totally understood my kids being antsy at the bank. They got suckers and she even blew up balloons for them! You know how I said it never rains here? Well, apparently I am powerful, because it was windy as all get-out and sprinkled today. Excitement!

Then we went to ... yes, I am hanging my head in shame to admit it again ... I'm whispering it ... WalMart.

WHAT? Don't judge me AGAIN! We "needed" ring pops and fat free half and half and a bunch of other stuff.

We spent some time at the river beach, which resulted in a wet sand fight and walking home with a couple of crying kidlets. Callie left her glasses BURIED there (yes, I said it) so after baths and tacos, we all trekked back ... I threw Sam in the stroller and he LOVED the bumpy ride to the beach over rocks and roots and tiny paths.

Post-beach meltdown and bath. Happy now with a taco and a silly sister to entertain.
Tacos for my other hungry boys, too.

So funny to have bulls running around all over the place. They stare you down like they're all bad, but then when you walk toward them, they run!

Cash to pay for the rest of our stay. We can't seem to hold onto those hundies for long.

We are loving our little vacation here. I got the kids to bed by myself last night (woo hoo! ... yes, I do this all the time when Aron is out of town, but lately he has been home to pray with us and read to the kids), then could not sleep so I watched the end of Water for Elephants (good book). Made me cry at the end. Aron didn't get home until midnight, sadly. At least we got to sleep next to each other for 6 hours before he had to leave again.

What fun will we be up to tomorrow?

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