Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Real World: Wyoming; Day Eight

Monday was a hang-out day. We did some homeschooling to get back into the swing of life and messed around in the house and outside a little. Our big excitement was when we couldn't stand it any longer and had to venture to the river beach because the day was simply too gorgeous to pass up. I wonder if we'll ever be stuck inside while it rains here? So far it's been nothing but gorgeous. Here are a few pics from our day:
The boys put on an art show!

I made cookies that actually were not flat. The first batch I used baking soda from 2006. Today I used baking POWDER from 2003 and they worked out fine!

We drove the trash up to the dumpster. The van is stalling out and I have to powerbrake it so it stays running. Probably the TPS (throttle position sensor) but I'm no mechanic; I'm just a girl.

A necessary evil: laundry.  But it's much easier when it's on the main level of the house. I'm gonna miss this old girl when I go home.
Mommy's gettin' crispy while poor Daddy works a 13-hour day including commute.

Sammy shows off his new Cars swim trunks.

At the beach.

Joel doin' some whittlin'.

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