Monday, May 21, 2012

Fishing in Wyoming: Day 14 (Sunday)

Aron has the day off! He woke up early to go fishing at the pond. Around 8:30 he came back and Sam just happened to be awake, so he woke up the boys and took the three of them fishing! My dad will be happy for this post! So here's from Aron:

"The fish were biting on brown woolly boogers. I looked up and a 5-foot moose walked right by me within about 50 feet."

Sam caught the biggest fish in the morning!

Michael and Joel also caught fishies!

Joel flapped some flipjacks.

Daddy made it pretty far into the snowy river water.

I gave FOUR haircuts tonight, saving my family about $60 or so on the  guys alone.
Later I took the Buick Regal, Sam and the trash to the dumpster. After dumping the trash I decided I enjoyed the 4 1970s and 1980s music stations I could get and Sam didn't want to get out of the sweet ride anyway. [Sweet ride = any car that is newer than mine and has a decent sound system so I can rock out.]

I ended up being gone for like AN HOUR ... only on the country gravel roads, picking up miscellaneous underage hitchhikers along the way until I ended up with 3 boys in the open trunk and 2 girls in the backseat.  Got to see some of the ranch I had not seen before ... so gorgeous here! We even had a showdown with some bulls. I took a picture of some bull poop for use in later blog posts. It will come in handy.

Got back to life the way it should be: my man makin' my dinner.

After dinner we went to the pond, around the time of the solar eclipse. I thought about pretending to go blind so I could get Monday off as a mom, but chickened out.

The sitcom continues ... Joel got a bee sting, his first. Like a good Catholic mom, I crossed myself and prayed he was not allergic.
Then it was biz as usual on the dock.
Me and Sam did some tandem kayaking.
Two kayaks and a rowboat with Callie taking pictures.
Aron and Joel caught 3 more fish. I smell a meal coming on!
And the quote of the day (sorry, some days I've been slacking):

Sorry for the cuss word, folks, but this is kinda funny. I get this from my mom, by the way, so I am not to be held responsible ... haha!

If you missed any installments of the Real World: Wyoming series, head to the right-hand side of this here blog, look for Categories, then click on Wyoming.

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