Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wyoming Griping Day 15 (Monday)

Lettuce start now with my favorite new video. I'm sure you will find it very apeeling:

We messed around all morning. Have I mentioned how fast time goes here when we're just CHILLING OUT? It kinda rocks. We went to the beach to try to get crispier. The van is back in the ole shoppe again today. The CHEVY dealership has to take it to the DODGE dealership (it's a Chrysler van, by the way) to have them read the computer cuz they can't.

This is the only picture I took today, at the beach.

Then around 7:30 I get the call from Aron that his ride home has taken him out for a beer so he can't grab us milk on the way home. AND another bombshell that I posted on Facebook:

The Kerrie Show: Home of the Job Gripe. Gripe #5,629 ... this just in .... Aron may not be able to go on the vacation with my extended family that we've had planned for 6 months. Mama Bear/Wife is coming out again ...

This is starting to get me worried about him being able to go to Scout Camp with Joel, which is already paid in full also. I can pretty much bet he will be going to Scout Camp no matter what. I'll keep you posted on that one. If I start asking you all if we can mow your lawn or babysit your kids, you'll know what happened.

THEN, seconds after that, Sam knocked a coffee mug off a table and it broke on the wood floor, sending warmish chocolate all over the flipping place. Seriously, I don't even get mad anymore because the Universe is so damn funny lately. I just roll with the punches. If Aron can't go on the family vacation, I'm going anyway with the kids. His company can pay for it and I can pay my 23-year-old cousin to help me with the kids :-) He's a fresh college grad, loves kids and could use the funds. We'll see.

You always gotta have a plan, people. And then watch it blow up! And then think on your feet and plan again.
WAIT! Here's a lost footage photo taken when Eva got ahold of the camera!

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