Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Snow Day Sunday & Gassy Horses (Day 21)

Boo ya! Sunday was CRAZY ... mostly because we played in 27-degree weather with snow past our ankles while our family and friend counterparts withered in 90-degree heat in Kansas City. Sorry 'bout that, peeps.

Aron was off! We went to visit our kittens, who we had been too busy to see for two days, and they were ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!

Only crazy people like us would set out on a little mountain journey as the snow starts.

Once we got to Mirror Lake, the first thing Daddy had to do was ... well,  you know.

Our family, picture taken by a kind stranger passing by.

Sam deep in the snow. Michael was thrilled because this was more snow than we had gotten in KC all year! Too bad we were not dressed for it or we could have played all day!

Michael and Sam = 2 bumps in a log.

After we came down from the mountain we were still in Wasatch National Forest and found a little campground by the river. We talked about how much money we could save on lodging if we camped out down there, but it was COLD!

We ended the day by feeding horses grass.

The guys named a gassy horse Gassy and Fartsworth. Wish I had a video of it, but you can't get horse to fart on cue.

Aron's to do list consisted of having 2 consecutive days off so he could fix our van, but that was simply not meant to be. This week I have a little list of things to do.Who comes up with this stuff? This is the sense of humor I grew up with having the dad I have, so I love these ecards!

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