Wednesday, May 23, 2012

All Hell Breaks Loose on Day 16 But Music Saves the Day

Here's what we woke up to this morning. Did I ever feel like a wiener for being upset with Aron last night for not bringing home milk. He woke up at 6 a.m. like always, drove 20 minutes to the store, 20 minutes back and then 40 minutes to work. That, folks, is what a Good Husband looks like. Burn it into your memory.

Because he bought sunscreen, we got to go to the River Beach. Otherwise, we would have had to have stayed mostly inside or in the woods (I know, poor us!).

When I drink my water, I imagine I am pouring margaritas from this pitcher into my Squart. No drinking here, folks, because I have to be on top of my Mommy game. I only drink around those I trust, and I don't trust my kids enough ... haha!

I present to you ... Princess Samuel.

Michael and Callie are snuggle buddies!
Here was my Facebook status at night, with a bunch of stuff added for clarity and a few cussin' words taken out.

So the Boss misunderstood and thought we were staying here INDEFINITELY with Aron (apparently with the money I will pull out of my butt; do normal people max out their own credit card to pay cash on a place to stay or empty their savings account to do so?). He thinks Aron is staying while me and 5 kids return home in a rickety van (still not fixed because the dealership wanted to fix a $1,200 thing that Aron can do himself cheaper and they never did find the real problem). THEN Boss wants Aron to miss my family's annual vacation, which has been planned and paid for for months. My suggestion: shackle his cute buns to the desk here in Wyoming for the months more it will take to finish this job. Will everybody be happy then? Because in his 15 years working here he has NEVER had a situation like this. Maybe he's just been spoiled. Don't worry, I won't gripe about this forever, and if we experience a job loss, I am not above getting a job at Hooter's.

Aron got home at a great time last night, with Domino's pizza, which was a huge treat. After Sam woke up from a late nap, we all piled into the minivan that hasn't been fixed but will be when Aron can get a real day off at home to do so. We picked up his rental at the Chevy dealership (where they tried to sell us a $1,200 part plus labor when Aron can do it at home for tons less; so everyone please pray that the van makes it home!). Then we trucked it over to (about 20 feet away) the McDonald's, which DOES have a playland, people. We were told it does not and we never even looked when we went through the drive-through. Which brings me to:

Don't listen to people, or at least take everything with a little disbelief. Like we were TOLD there was no Playland there, so we just didn't even look. So if you are TOLD that someone is crazy, for instance, find out for yourself. This goes for things that I tell you, as well, of course. We all have our own perception.

Moving on ...

I got to drive the Buick back home with Callie and Michael in the back. I made a HUGE and MAJOR and GROUNDBREAKING discovery: Aron has XM satellite radio in the rental and he didn't even know it. This is BIG, folks, because I was brought up on music and love it and it's the equivalent of a little Prozac to me. I got to listen to CURRENT music which I have not heard for over 2 weeks (again, poor me). Did you know there's a group called Imagine Dragon ... hmm? I've decided the soundtrack of my days is "Last Night" by the Mar-Keys or "Green Onions" by Booker T and the MGs. If you get the blog in email form, you might not be able to see this and will have to come to the blog to click on it. Enjoy!

Quote of the day from me:

"Good thing I know where EVERYTHING is or how to find it because I have three sons, and they can't find crap with both hands." I used to love that show My Three Sons, by the way.

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