Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wyoming Day 17; It Never Ends, Does It?

Ventured out of the old homestead around 2 and encountered closed gates in two places on the gravel road. That's where a 10-year-old son comes in handy: he hopped out and hitched a ride on the gate as he opened it for us to pass through. The reason the gates were closed was because it was apparently mating season a while back. There are calves EVERYWHERE.

A brown cow hung with 7 black calves. Do you think they cross-nurse?

Gorgeous snowy mountain with a bazillion cowels on the grass (that's what Sam calls them).

We hit the McDonald's Playland for the 2nd day in a row. Yes, we got Happy Meals ... a splurge! Notice the seats! The McDonald's off I-80 in Evanston, Wyoming is the best! There are TVs in the bathrooms! Why they show CNBC in the women's bathroom is beyond me. Shouldn't they be showing SoapNet or something? I know, I'm sexist. Anyway, it's clean and everyone is nice and it's a huge play area and they have WiFi of course.

Later, some ice cream. Mommy is a pushover!

Stayed there 2 hours then hit the grocery store, which takes forever since I don't know where anything is and I'm herding cats the whole time. Then, OH MAN, see the picture below because after we drove around for a bit we hit major rush-hour traffic. Can you believe this?! Bumper to bumper.

The kids immediately got into our grocery store booty of froot  rollups. Why must the sit on the table to eat? Oh, right, because I allow it!

We call this kid Sammy the Olive. He loves to put massive olives on his fingers and partake.

The night ended with me writing and Daddy (who got home by 9 p.m.!!!) reading to Sam.

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