Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"We Are All Broken" Says My Husband

*If you are sick of the homeschool group drama posts, just move on with your day. I'm working through this in my own way and trying to come to solutions so I can get on with my life, which is easier said than done! It's like going through grieving stages ... in a weird order. I was sad at first and groveled to the leader about the whole thing. Then I just got mad. I own that I am acting like a 10-year-old and am okay with that right now.

This morning I had a comment from the leader of the homeschool group I wrote about. I'm in the process of addressing her stuff since I don't censor, but for now I wanted to go back to my old messages and post some interesting things. My original comment was this and was what started all the whispering behind my back and the ultimate booting of my buns:

" I'm starting to feel suffocated by all the scripture references that are being put out there ... just like some kids need to be deschooled, maybe some of us need to be de-Bibled and just listen to God for a while and maybe even NOT read His word for a little while and then head back to it with a clear head."

Later I said this:
" i apologize if anyone thought i was being mean and i didn't mean de-church at all. i just meant that those who struggle with their faith many times already know everything the Bible says and yet struggle anyway. that's all."

I think some of the ladies had some great points (and they didn't get kicked out!) that I would like to share:

"Just for the record, I haven't been offended by a comment yet. But just a guess - the Bible isn't what's offensive in some comments, but the way it's thrown at people, as if quoting a verse out of context without any commentary makes a point. No one knows what your point is if all you do is throw down a verse. You'll have to tell us why you think that verse is relevant if you want us to know what you're trying to contribute to the conversation. .... XXX didn't start this discussion because she doesn't believe the Bible. She started it because she wants to try to find out what the Bible means, what it teaches. Telling her she's just not reading it, or just not accepting it is, to say the least, unhelpful."

Another member wrote this:
" Like XXX, I struggle with my faith too, as is perfectly NORMAL. We are intelligent humans and it's natural to question the things we believe/don't believe to try and find out the why's. I have done the same, and I'm sure most of us have too. (And here is where I make people mad...) However, throwing down bible scripture, stating those of us who have these questions or struggles are doomed to hell until we pull our heads out of our behinds doesn't do us any good. This is one of the things that truly turns me off about some christians! Do I think scripture should be used to find the truth? You bet. Do I think posting it on a FB thread, stating we're all going to burn in hell is appropriate? No. I know it's cliche, but what would Jesus do? Would he throw The Book at XXX? No, he would calmly sit by her side and talk with her, referencing the Word in a way that would be respectful and helpful to her, leading her to the truth. So, if we want to throw scripture at each other - Matthew 7 1 Do not judge, or you too will be judged."

My husband put it simply when I told him about all this once. He said, "We are all broken." How do men put up with us? How is it that women aren't the ones starting wars, we are so passionate?!

By the way, I love my faith, loving going to church, love reading Bible stories and praying. I'm not a witch, I promise. I just had an opinion when I saw someone I liked being kinda jumped on. I like to defend people. I knew when I hit the POST button I was sealing my own coffin because I've always had a big mouth, but I would do it again. At least I was being my REAL SELF. I am a person, a wife, a mother. Not just a Facebook profile.


  1. From one big mouth to another: You go, girl!

  2. Wow, it sounds like you had a rough time! During our first year of homeschooling, we had a terrible experience with a Christian co-op. Now I know better, and seek out secular activities. It's sad that some people don't act as they ought to!

  3. Thanks, girls! Patricia says it's sad that some people don't act as they ought to, and I'm sure the group is thinking that about ME! But sometimes personalities just don't mesh and this is the kind of thing that happens.

  4. Wow, Kerrie, I feel like I've "made it" now that one of my quotes is on your blog! About religion no less!! ;) LOL

  5. Kerrie, I consider myself a fundamentalist Christian but I've stopped going to church because of the happy-clappy stupid crowd.

    I'm not gonna click LIKE because I love Jesus. I'm not going to have the joy, joy, joy because someone quotes the "all things work together for good" stuff. And I'm not going back to church because someone quotes Hebrews 10 to me.

    It's all context. AND more than that, I think that I *do* need to de-church for a bit. I've been taught what this and that verse "means" for so long that I'd like to take a break, clear my head a little, and then go back and do a systematic and more academic study of the Word.

    I'm tired of going to church and hearing about "Three Steps to Powerful Prayer Lives" or whatever. If we could put little walking feet to just 1/100th of what we ALREADY KNOW, the world would be different.

    I'll go back when/if I am ready and doggone well feel like it. What it comes down to is, NO ONE is the boss of me. Why can't they see that GOD is? And He can handle me in His own good time and way.

    Ok, done venting on a side topic. And now, back to the Kerrie Show!

  6. Totally agree with Happy Elf Mom (we're in a very similar boat over here) and I often remind people that some of the most godly people I've ever known have never stepped foot in a church and alternately some of the worst people I've known are sure to be found front and center every Sunday morning.

    As for agreeing with you, Kerrie, I truly believe Kurt Cobain said it best "I'd rather be hated for what I am, than loved for what I'm not"

    *maybe y'all should head down to TX where our local mega-church pastor preaches on having more sex while lying in a bed with his wife on the roof of the church OR stands outside a cage with a full grown male lion while holding a baby lamb to "illustrate" Easter scripture... see? y'all just aren't having enough fun in church... hehehe


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