Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Sam Post: FRUCK!

This is Sam writing. I am so busy being naughty that I sometimes forget that you are all waiting for me to write about the naughtiness. Don't you remember being a kid, you know, like before you could read? Don't you remember being naughty? Wasn't it great?

Anyhows, I hafta tell you guys about something cool my mom did. Last night online she scheduled a fire station visit with one of our homeschool groups. At NIGHT! At a really cool new fire station in Lenexa, KS that is like LEED or something like that. I don't know what that means. I think they have a fire boat or something, too, for lake rescues and such. I am excited to see the FRUCKS (firetrucks).

Okay, so check this out, my latest exploit. So the other day when Mommy was doing laundry and wasn't looking, I turned the hot water heater all the way down! Then I looked all innocent. Then Sunday morning when Mommy got in the shower for church, it was ice cold and she had to shower anyway and she was screaming and yelling and cussing and stuff. She figured out what I did pretty quick, got out of the shower, stormed down to the basement and turned the heater up. But it still took a long time to get warm, so she got a cold shower! I was giggling inside. I'm already planning my next naughty exploits, so stay tuned to the Sam Posts!


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