Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hand-me-Downs From My Ex's Ex

In what world do you take hand-me-down girl clothes from your ex's ex? Well, in MY crazy, mixed-up world.

Why not? The clothes are awesome. My girls love hand-me-downs (free!). They get brand new clothes for birthdays and Christmases sometimes, and they love those. But they are SO happy when they get a bag of girl clothes from someone. And my budget is thrilled.

This is one of those Wonders of Facebook. You've heard of it being used for evil ... connecting with past loves when you are still married, contacting people you hate and being mean on their wall, using the instant message feature to try to get people to talk smack about other people.

Then there are the good things, which I have experienced many of. Meeting my ex-husband's second wife is one of the good things. She is cool, she is sweet. I like her. She has a son the same age as Callie, and we're going to hook up at a fast-food germ joint sometime to let the kids play.

Then there's that thing where we've been through some of the same crazy crap. It's like we're war survivors or something, to put it in an overly dramatic way. Stay tuned ...


  1. Shame you couldn't warn her beforehand what she was getting into, or maybe you could and she was "in love." Glad she sounds safe. You are a lovely person, Kerrie, and I appreciate how you make friends with just about anyone. God bless you. :)

  2. No one in my church uses facebook except for me and maybe 4 other people. So many people think it's evil but I love it and have met some neat people.


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