Friday, August 5, 2011

QuikTrip Squart and Squat ... Bring Them Back!

Do you remember the QuikTrip Squart? And it's baby counterpart (I do so love a baby counterpart), the Squat? Yes, the Squart and Squat were what SOME kids brought their Jack-n-Coke to high school in. Not me, of course. Oh, no. Never. Anyway (picture me whistling and looking up), oh, how I loved those things in high school, back in 1988. I lost track of my own over the years, but have always pined for them.

So I'm in my dad's garage last week and what do I see just ROTTING in a box on a shelf? Oh, the horror. I see THIS (I had to take a picture of it because I could not find an image of one anywhere on the internet):

So of course I had to mention how much I miss my own Squart, and later my dad surprised me by bestowing his 1988 vintage, classic, antique Squart upon me. I love it well and drink from it daily.

Okay, so ONE TIME did I bring a naughty beverage to school in my Squat. One time.


  1. I had the ThermoSquart with the red foam cover. PERFECT for bringing my fizzy yellow water to theater class!

  2. I never liked them. The straws always got yucky. Plus they didn't stay cold.

  3. Sitting outside QT right now reminiscing about my Squart


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